Steering Committee

The RLI Steering Committee is a multi-stakeholder governance body that consists of 13 voting positions. The Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic guidance and direction of the RLI and reports to the RBA Board of Directors.

The members of the RLI Steering Committee are:

Business Seats:

  •, Inc.: LeighAnne DeWine
  • Cisco: Maria Gorsuch-Kennedy
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Pam Wood
  • NXP Semiconductors: Eric-Paul Schat
  • The Coca-Cola Company: Paul Lalli
  • The Home Depot: Todd Nash
  • The Walt Disney Company: Peter Higgins

Stakeholder Seats:

  • Implementing Partner: The Remedy Project, Archana Kotecha
  • Academic Community: Bard College Berlin, Gale Raj-Reichert
  • Socially Responsible Investor: Working Capital Fund, Dan Viederman
  • Intergovernmental Organization: International Organization for Migration, Philip Hunter
  • Non-Governmental Organization: International Justice Mission (IJM), Faye Casem
  • Worker Rights-Based Organization: North-South Initiative, Anne Beatrice Jacob