RLI Membership

Whether your company is a leader in implementing forced labor due diligence or just getting started, there are many benefits to joining the RLI. Membership provides the opportunity to help steer the mission and vision of the initiative, while coordinating a harmonized, cross-industry approach to address the root causes of forced labor. In addition, specific services and tools are provided to members to assist in establishing company-level due diligence programs, including:
  • Sensing, Advocacy and Communications Services
  • World-Class Standards and Compliance Checklists
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessments
  • Self-Assessments and Audits for Factories and Recruitment Agencies
  • Factory Capacity Building, Supported by Worker Voice Capabilities
  • Recruitment Agency Development and Certification Systems
  • Recruitment Corridor Data and Research
There are two membership levels at the RLI: “Supporter” and “Regular” levels distinguished by stronger accountability requirements for forced labor due diligence at the “Regular” level. 
RBA members are already part of the Responsible Labor Initiative. If your company is not an RBA member, please visit the RLI registration site to join the Initiative and contact RLI@responsiblebusiness.org with any questions.

RLI Membership Application

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Come join us and your company will be on the forefront of understanding evolving issues and expectations to protect your business and the workers in your supply chain. By leveraging best practices, tools, partnerships and other resources, your company can help drive lasting change while establishing a world-class due diligence program to combat forced labor and capably meet regulatory and market access disclosure requirements. Together, we can have a greater, more positive impact than any one company, organization or industry can alone.